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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Mattress Dream

The second night on the mattress, and the second night of wild dreams. I knew everyone in the dream, which is sort of strange. The dream occurred at my house, which was sometimes this house and sometimes not.

It started off with Charlie being here to do something, not sure what. I have been asking him to come do some things that require more strength, more tools, and more skill than I have. One thing is to put a thing on my basement door, the little metal parts that one flaps over the other to put on a padlock. I still cannot find my drill! Men say, "Oh, that's easy!" ooooh, please come show me. LOL

So, Charlie and I were talking. He was standing in the middle of the floor, like he had just come in or was leaving. Then, my friends, a couple, came to the door. Then, they were sitting. We were having a pleasant conversation. I was wondering when the apology would happen.

background: She read something by Roach, "People who stay up all night researching medical conditions on the internet are called hypochondriacs." Or, something like that. She thinks it is wrong to research on the internet instead of going to the doctor, I suppose. At any rate, she will never walk again. I do know that after her knee replacement, the doctor told her she had an infection in her blood. The closest appointment with the doctor 120 miles away in Birmingham was 10 days away. I beseeched her to catch a plane to Nashville or to Mayo Clinic. She said if the doctor thought it was okay to wait, she would trust him. So, she never walked again and almost died. She was within hours of death. It all started with a knee replacement.

Now for more dream.

So, she was making chit chat and her husband was there, all pleasant. Since no apology was forthcoming, I asked her if she realized how rude she was and if she were ever going to apologize. And, I pointed out I had diagnosed the problem I was having. Well, no doctor disagreed. She got all hoity toity calling me "dearie" in a very condescending tone. I told her it was time for her to leave and she just refused. All this time I was pleasant yet firm. Charlie was somewhere, did not leave.

So, somehow, my king mattress was dragged for some reason off my bed. Then, the condescending friends were not in my dream even though I do not remember them leaving.

Charlie and I were talking when in walks a guy I had dated: one date, movie and dinner; second date, some kissing. Thirteen years later, a movie date and I told him to take me back to my car. We had not yet left the parking lot. So, this visit was a total surprise. He is just about the most pleasant man I have ever met, and the best kisser.

I said, "Oh, Hi B." He just looked at me. Then, I noticed his sweet smile was gone. He was stone-faced. He would not look at or respond to Charlie. I introduced them and explained Charlie was here to do a few minor things, that if I had known he was coming, he could have had my honey-do list. I laughed. He was not amused.

Then, I realized this was D not B. Oh, well. I was half embarrassed for a moment. THEN, I realized why he had been so quiet and why he was so pale. He had been injured and there was no blood along this long "crack' in his skin. He wanted to keep it closed, like he was embarrassed. But, he was begging me with his eyes. This was not at all frightening, just puzzling.

So, I went into the bedroom to put the mattress back. I was shrieking because there were lots of ants on one corner of the mattress. I sprayed it down completely, Charlie dusted all the dead and live ants off and we dragged the mattress back to the bed.

Then, when I went back to the living room, D had a band aid, the half-inch kind on his forehead. It was totally insufficient for the trauma, but he was happy with it. Then, Charlie was gone and I was trying to help D. Then I awoke. If I had thought or was capable, I could have gone into lucid dreaming and continued. But, I had to go to the bathroom.

I wonder if D has had an accident. I will email.

I know it is bizarre, but you know how dreams can be.

Your turn
Can the mattress be causing this sudden remembering of dreams? Do you have bizarre dreams that you can remember in detail.

Friday, December 19, 2014

WaterBOB--As God is my witness, I will never go without water again

Imagine my surprise when I found this on my doorstep on Thursday. A reader had said I was getting one from the company she contacted.  My only duty is to blog about it. Of course, my water emergency is over for now  even though I don't have hot water.

I worried when I heard I was getting this because I assumed it would be very heavy, too heavy to handle easily. I doubt it weighs 2 lbs. Plus, it is small enough not to gobble up storage for other emergency items.

Cost and shipping was only $29.95. Somehow, I assumed that such a critical piece of equipment would cost more. No, it is very affordable.

Taking only 20 minutes to fill the waterbob would also be an advantage over filling jugs one by one. I would not have to go to the grocery store because I am thirsty and find I had no jugs of potable water. Yes, I did that. Leaning over the neighbor's water hose in the dark and rain to fill jugs and then haul them home would be eliminated. Yes, I did that. Prevailing on your neighbor to deliver them to my back porch has been eliminated, too. I know he would be glad I have this now.

The website clears up a few questions I had. "Won't the continuous exposure to sunlight spoil the water?" Well, I just need to cover the waterbob to keep sun or light from the water. I think a blackout curtain like the ones sold for day sleepers would work. Easy peasy.

This would be just the thing for me, a woman who has 100% disability, limited mobility, lots of pain, older.

Go HERE to the site to learn more. The video starts up immediately and is loud, so turn down your volume.

So, weight, cost and storage space are all much less than I assumed. You can go HERE to see a video and peruse the website.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Maggie May's First Egg

Maggie May's first egg

 Here it is. She should be proud of this, her first egg. She was born April 1st or thereabout if I remember correctly. So, at 8.5 months, she is ready. I suppose I could have gotten eggs sooner if I had fed her commercial feed. This is soon enough. I don't know when Buff Orphington's first lay. Do you?

Maggie May will probably lay all winter since she is young and eager to lay. My first girls layed eggs through four winters. Maybe this will encourage Patsy Cline to start again. Thelma will probably not lay until spring since she is almost six years old, if she ever lays regularly again.

This was her first egg, very small, but hopefully she will lay huge ones like Thelma did. She is much larger and broader than Thelma or any I have had before.

Maggie May egg on left; store large egg on right

Hopefully, I will not have to buy eggs again. I bought one dozen eggs this fall--the Large Grade A Eggs like the one on the right.

Maggie May has spent time on the next before in the last few weeks. However, there is never a  sign of an egg or eaten egg. Every time I find her in the nest, Patsy Cline is right in there with her! To Patsy Cline: Lay or get off the nest! Patsy Cline still spends an inordinate amount of time harassing Maggie May.

My computer cord is frayed and not working, so I may be off the computer for a while.

Your turn
Let's hear it for Maggie May! Yay! Do you rejoice at the first egg? Do your Buff Orphingtons lay later than other breeds?

First-night-in-bed-with-new-mattress dream

Well, I spent the first night in a bed with mattress, the first time since Oct 26, 2014. It is a momentous date and occasion to me.

I had trouble getting onto the bed. I was laughing at my self as I struggled. It is sooo tall. If I had gotten the box spring, the bed would have been higher than the ends and most of the back would have been covered.

Since I had put a folded king bedspread down to sleep on, I unfolded it like a sleeping bag and slipped inside with the USMC wool blanket over me too. I always take melatonin, 2 mg, and sleep soundly most nights. Last night, I slept soundly except for the dreams.

Melatonin makes some people dream wild and scary dreams, but melatonin stopped my dreams. At least, I am not aware of them often.

Last night was wild. In my dream I noticed that Maggie May was gone. She was nowhere to be found, so I was sad. Several days later, some young friends came over. I have no idea who they were. But, apparently in my dream I knew them. There was some discussion of going for a walk. Of course, I could not. There was joking about them pulling me or pushing me in some sort of wheeled contraption.

So, off we went around a town I did not recognize. Whatever I was being pushed in was not something I recognized. I careened around town, afraid I was going to die if they wrecked it. At one point, they were talking about all the birds and wondering what they were. I looked. This was near a park or in the park. There were guineas, turkeys, chickens of all breeds, maybe thirty birds altogether. THERE right in the middle was Maggie May. I called Deee-lie-laaah in a high voice and she turned and looked at me. I waved and called again. She made a move to me, then turned away. I figured she had chosen where she wanted to be.

Okay, so I was glad she was alive. But, she was not home where she would be safe. That made me sad. About two days later, I awoke to an unusual ruckus. There in the grassy part of the back yard was Maggie May and the birds from the park. I was really happy she was back, but I wondered how I could feed them all. Also, I wondered how long it would take for them to kill all the grass with foraging and poop, If I called Maggie May to close her up so she could eat her nightly ration of oats, would her new crew come in, too?

Then, I woke up.

Your turn
Do you dream about your chickens or animals?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Winner for Giveaway II

This is how I chose. I wrote down the three entries and numbered them. Then, I called Charlie and asked him to choose a number from 1 to 3. He chose 2, so the winner is

Email me your address, Carol. 

Look what came to my house today!

two guys and a....

in place
A reader of my blog emailed and told me she would buy a mattress for me over the phone and have it delivered. You better believe I thanked her and went mattress shopping. I picked out three, and this is the one she sent me. One mattress was ridiculously over-priced. The other was suspiciously low. This one was juuust riiight.

I set atop a bedspread because the bolts that hold the frame together might rip the mattress. Now, I know why the box spring has those pieces of plastic on them. I think the king bed frame had pesky things to snag the mattress. At any rate, the problem is fixed until I can get some little plastic things to cover the ends of the bolts. I had them in the cart at Lowe's and failed to buy them. I suppose I left them in the parking lot.

I have a plastic cover in order to zip this up and encase it. Now, I have to get a pad to go on top and sheets. Since I can only sleep on cotton, this will be an ordeal. I will go to the thrift store and see how long I can stand. 100% cotton and cheap will be hard to find. Maybe I will find a pink or white set of flannel sheets in cotton. Who knows.

Exbf can help me put the plastic cover on. Thanks to Michele, I have a bed to put the mattress on.  I feel like I am recovering my human-ness.

By the way, this was the only flippable mattress in the store! Now, they are not made to flip from one side to the other, just to swing around and sleep on the other end. Weird?

So, who's a happy camper? ME! Thanks again, sweet blogger!

Your turn
Have you seen the price of mattresses lately? Serta Perfect feels the best, but that comfort is costly.

My Coke Rewards 30 Points for 12-pack

Free 12-pack
I got this free 12-pack and have three other coupons coming. SLUGGY  has  more details about how many you can get at this time. I could only get one.

Tomorrow, I need to post some more points when it is light and I can see inside those caps. Some nights, I put a small flashlight behind the code in order to see it better.

Your turn
I know some people don't drink Coke, don't live where these are available, and do not want to participate. But, who is getting these coupons?