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Friday, February 27, 2015

Cleared Streets

I took pictures, but cannot post them. This is the first time our streets have ever been cleared of snow. Usually, we just all drive in one lane sort of carved from the least snow. So, a four-lane road becomes a two-lane for days. It was pretty exciting seeing all four lanes cleared to the curb. There was not one bit of slush.

Don't get me wrong, there is still lots of snow. None of my yard except the path to the hens and under the car is free of snow. Some of my footprints melted to the ground. My street was not cleared. The bigger roads, the ones that are two highways that intersect here in town, are the ones cleared along with some side roads, just not in neighborhoods. It was pretty exciting to see the corners of two little roads with piles of snow 12 feet across and about 8 feet high. Yep, that last statement pretty much nails me for being small-town.

Even when I lived in Memphis, I don't think roads were ever cleared. The South just didn't roll that way. I have no idea with what they cleared the roads here in town. I do know we have at least one road grader. Today, on the way home there was a backhoe with a grabber thing on the other end. The grabber would grab part of one of the big piles, shut its jaws, and drive it to a dump truck at the other end of the block.

It seems like letting it sit on the road corner would be no big deal. They dropped snow all over and got the roads wet, so it will be too slick to drive on tomorrow for several hours. But, there will be no snow on the corner!

When I went to Rochester, NY, on Christmas, I saw way too much snow, but I don't remember if I saw it was cleared or whatever. We had just been in a horrific seven-car accident near Batavia, and I had sworn I would never go back in winter. I didn't.

I am sure I will have snow in my yard until Tuesday. The one thing I like about snow in the South is that is seldom snows. Plus, it goes away very quickly. It never gets brown. Plus, my car won't be ruined by salt, nor will my leather shoes.

The hens stayed in their pen today even though I left the door open.

Maggie May left me one egg. Since they ran out of water one day, I am sure that affected egg production. I did not fall down or fall today.

Your turn
Do you live in a town so small and so far south that you don't have snow removal equipment?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sluggy's Giveway and Falling Down

The roads are still closed still. But, the temperature is up to 37F, so it will melt, but slowly.

Sluggy has another giveaway right HERE.   It is  "pamper yourself" box of goodies. I only remember there is chocolate.

When I went out to feed my hens, I slid all the way. My feet sink into snow and then I slide with arms outstretched and regain my balance. I managed to stifle squeals. At their pen, it appeared a person had made footprints and not in a place I walked yesterday. Hmmm, I cleared away snow on a bench, sitting to watch the hungry girls. They have no desire to come out of the pen.

On the way back to the house, I fell. I had just put the one egg down on a pile of snow so I could go get the mail without having to protect the egg. Well, after I fell, got all wet trying to get up, I just took the egg inside. I pulled a muscle in my side and broke a fingernail, but did not hurt my knees or noggin.

In 1993, during the blizzard, I fell from the top of the concrete steps to the bottom and slid out onto the ice. I lay there like a bug on its back, arms and feet in the air, flailing about to turn over. I crawled across the ice and up the steps. That memory will keep me indoors. The hens may get hungry, but I cannot hurt myself that badly again.

I am staying in today, no matter what is outside my door that interests me!

Your turn
Have you fallen in this snow?  Or, are you so sure-footed that you can stay upright?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Snow Boots

Since I cannot post a picture on my blog I will describe them for you. Yay! I have seven inches of snow. The city is shut down. Remember, I live in the South. I have no boots, not even boots as a fashion item.

Two of the smaller Walmart bags worked just fine. I taped them on above the ankle and was set to go. They worked to go feed the hens and then to go to the road for the mail. The flakes were the size of quarters and nickels. Now, five hours later, the flakes are a little smaller. More snow is predicted.

When I went to feed the hens, none of them rushed the door to get out. I fed them one hefty meal today--two cups of oats and corn lots of cooked chicken with skin and abundant meat. They have plenty of warm water.

So, I m snowed in. The day was a Winter Wonderland in my yard. I marveled at the snow on bushes limbs and my car. This is a history-making snow. Although it is 31 degrees F it is not as cold feeling because there is no wind.

Now I have to cook something warm. Okay maybe I will eat snow in the form of snow ice cream.

Your turn
Are you getting snow in an area that gets little to no snow? Do you eat snow ice cream? Have you used plastic bags over your shoes to go out in the snow?

Chicken and Blueberry Swap

I have a dilemma,  a too-much-food dilemma. I know--first world problem. But, the problem is a casualty of the weather,  inadvertently exacerbated by my plans.

For last week when exbf was coming, I baked ten pounds of leg-thigh quarters. Then, the weather on his day off was forecast. The day was not to be. With a forecast of high temp of 27 degrees F, I told him not to come up. Sooo, I could only get a portion of the cooked  meat in the freezer. He will have part of that meat for his dinner this week if the weather is agreeable.

Now, I have about six pounds of ground beef and chili meat thawed. It would not fit in the freezer, either. I still have not cooked it all in the cast iron skillet, mincing it and cooking onions in it. It still will not go in the freezer!

My plan is finally formulated. He will get all the chicken I cooked if he comes. If not, I figured out how to get the cooked chicken and cooked hamburger meat in the freezer over the refrigerator.

There is at least one gallon of blueberries in the freezer. When I remove the blueberries, I can cook them and put in quart jars in the refrigerator. Blueberries will wait for a few days until I can eat them or make a cobbler. THEN, I can put pint jars of cooked hamburger in the freezer. I have fretted for five days over the possibility of meat spoiling.

I suppose I can remove my only ice cube tray, too, especially if there is only one gallon of blueberries. There may be other things in the freezer that can be removed, like bottles of frozen water to be used in a little cooler.

At least there is a viable plan in my head that will save the meat.

Wednesday, snow is forecast here, at least six inches. I tried to buy rubber boots at WM, but the only ones I found were too tight over my arch. I did not want to shop anymore, so I will just use rubber bags over my feet and shoes. I have plenty of bags, tape, and rubber bands.

The only reason I need to go out of the house is to feed the chickens and collect eggs. Only Thelma has seen snow. So, I doubt any of them even want to go out. Their water heater works when the temp is in single digits to keep their water thawed. Their water is sitting right out in the weather, not in any shelter.

Tomorrow, I will feed the hens four times, so wish me well in rubber WM bags. I have forty pounds of sand in a five-gallon bucket right outside the door. I can scoop out a cottage cheese dishful of sand and sprinkle as I go down the steps and onto concrete.  I will be safe; I have to stay safe since there is no one else to help.

Right now, I am worried about exbf. He refuses to put any water, snack, blanket, or extra jacket in the car for his commute to and from work tomorrow. He works in Irondale and lives in Hueytown. Some people were spending the night in cars last year as they were stranded, not able to drive in the snow and ice. He is diabetic, has cold limbs ALL the time, does not drink much water. I have had to call the police for a welfare check twice because he was out like a light (for 30 hours) because he did not eat. I gave him a car charger and he screamed at me and threw it back, saying he always charges his cell at home.

Two things--he says I am trying to change him (by being prepared?) and I feel he thinks it emasculating to ever take a precaution against anything. He refuses to carry jumper cables!

On Tuesday night, I bought milk, water, cottage cheese, and cookies. I forgot to buy bananas. If ice or snow brings down electric lines, I will be mighty cold, but have food to eat cold and a grill outdoors.

Two eggs today!

Your turn
Do you have anyone in your life that refuses to take even a minor precaution against driving in snow and ice? Have you ever had to shuffle food to get things in the freezer? Is it snowing at your house, or do you expect snow?

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Dream

... <b>Bavier</b> – better known as 'Aunt Bee' on the <b>Andy</b> <b>Griffith</b> Show
Who is this?

Sunday--one dream and two eggs. But, I managed to ding one egg when I dropped my cell phone in the pocket where I had put the egg. The hens will get scrambled egg for breakfast tomorrow morning. I will add another two eggs, so they will all get plenty of warm egg. I may cook their oats to warm the hens' little hearts.

On Sunday morning, I awoke from a sound but feverish sleep. I had a dream and dreamed several versions of the dream.  Like I said, I had a fever and both ears really hurt. So, I got back in bed and slept until very late.

In the dream exbf found a new girlfriend. There was quite a bit of drama. I was deliriously happy for him in one version of the dream. In another version, I was extremely jealous even though I have dated other guys since he said five years ago he did not want to by my boyfriend any longer. In another version of the dream I was upset, okay, I was mad because I knew we could not longer be friends, and I would never see him again. I assumed his new girlfriend would not want him to see me any longer.

On Monday I related the three dreams. He was having a good time and was laughing heartily. He enjoyed my dream too much for my enjoyment.

The woman is Aunt Bea Taylor, Frances Bavier from the Andy Griffith Show. Since one person got it right, I thought I would end the mystery. Besides, all you have to do is right click on the picture for the answer to appear.

Your turn
Do you ever have relationship dreams? Do you ever dream multiple versions of any kind of dream you have. Who is the woman at the head of the post?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Writers and Readers: What would you do?

I have a friend who wrote an incredibly bad book. Hating to tell him the truth, I told him it was interesting, just not my genre. Now, he has published five books. One or two were written before the one I read.

Another published author and I were talking. This person could not even get through the first book. Another published author and I met in WM by accident. This author hates his writing. So, I have a dilemma. He has  good story line but cannot develop it.

Here is an example. When he introduces the main character, he cites his height and stature as though an engineer was my silly way of talking about the author's giving his height first thing, and the fact he has broad shoulders and slim waist. I believe he even gives the dimensions of the guy's waist. The description is jarring to the senses. He is strong, but the author tells us this fact rather than showing us. We are given the exact dimension of rooms in the home he is remodeling. Rather than showing us, he tells dimensions. I think it would be more interesting to say the sideboard was enormous and the a table that seats 12 is easily swallowed by the room or that two more leaves are available for expanding the table. No, he just gives the dimensions of the room. It is a little disconcerting and sterile to hear all the numbers in this dramatic story.

And, he cannot write dialogue. Writing dialogue is my stumbling block. Plus, when I describe men, it sounds like soft porn to my ears. I describe women well and write action best. This is not necessarily women in action. He is very defensive of his writing, even from a writer. Even from a teacher who has graded hundreds of essays. Even from a teacher who took courses about correcting student writing.

People (he says) have tried to help him, but he says they are not writers, so how would they know anything. He is angry at the 212 people who downloaded his book for free but were rude and bought none of the others he wrote. I think they were not going to waste money; he thinks they just took and bought nothing...mooches.

I asked exbf if I should tell his books stink. Exbf said yes.

There are choices for me.
1) Say nothing.
2) Tell him in person.
3) Send him an anonymous letter.
4) Something else--but what?

He does not read my blog. Well, I don't think he does.

Your turn
What should I do?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mavis Wants to Give You a CASE of Girl Scout Cookies

Go HERE to win a whole case of Girl Scout Cookies. There is no way I would keep these in the house because I would go into a Thin Mint coma. I will give most of these away. I can already taste them. Mavis will mail them to any place on earth. Maybe you have someone in the military that would love to get these.

Leave a comment on my blog, too, and I will give you an extra chance in my next giveaway for leaving a comment below. Of course, go try to win cookies.

Your turn
Who likes Girl Scout cookies? What is your favorite cookie? Did you enter Mavis giveaway?