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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Onions in the Window

onions second growing

After I used the tops from a $0.50 bunch of onions, I decided to regrow onions. I put the onions with still a bit of green and plenty of roots into this little container and set it in the window. Above is the second "crop" of onions.

Actually, while I was cooking I asked exbf to make them stand up and water them. I suggested maybe a spoon would somehow help them stand. So, he put a spoon in the container and watered them.

It was nice to snip off a bit of an onion or cut them all down with scissors to use for the meal I was preparing. Yes, they are sitting in the window. None of the pictures were clear, so I hung a towel up to keep sunshine, dirty window, and outdoor spider webs from muddling the onions' beauty.

The little container is what I put sweeteners into when I have outdoor parties. It cost me a quarter at a yard sale.

I have regrown celery and other vegetables in the window in the past. Sometimes, I actually put them in soil!

Your turn
Do you regrow vegetables? What kind has been most successful for you?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Cat in the County?


Oh, rats! This will keep me in at night! A few years ago, a woman called the police twice, saying she had seen a Bengal tiger. Just in case she was right, I did not leave my house after dark for two months. I felt suffocated living this way.

After the two dogs attacking me, I am nervous going out at night. Then, this!

Your turn
Do you live in an area where wild animals regularly roam? Does it keep you on your toes or armed when you leave your home--just to go on your property or to the car to leave?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blue Tractor Fabric


This is such cute fabric! I am not really fond of the green John Deere fabric. When I am at Walmart, I browse the huge fabric section and look for chicken prints. Aren't Ford tractors blue? When I placed a quarter over the tractor, the pipe on the top and half the back wheel were visible. 

I want some of this! But, do I dare? I am not sewing much right now. So, it may just sit. There is plenty of fabric just sitting here now. There is a box in front of me to sort according to whether I want to keep or donate. I would make an apron or napkins from this print.

If it were a chicken print, it would be home with me right now! I don't have enough money right now to hoard fabric!

After posting, I saw three little things in the fabric. When I put the laptop screen to my face, I realized this is International Harvester!

Your turn
How is your fabric stash? Do you ever look just to look? Does anyone make napkins or aprons?

Friday, September 12, 2014

What Do You See? Car Body Work!

What do you see?
Look closely!
Last week, I noticed a small yellow bit of something on this plant. I walked over to examine it closely. Just as I suspected, it was a tomato blossom. I took this photo well after dark. The plant is much greener and healthier looking. Really! This week, I spotted a second blossom. I suppose it has fallen off and a new tomato is on the way. I really did not feel like looking for it in the dark.
The plant is sitting in the 4x4 box that has fallen down, well mostly. The tomato cage was put in it so the yard could be mowed. The hens have spent this year scratching and bathing in it. There were probably more tomato and other plants, but the hens took care of that! They are good like that--destroy any tender or not-so-tender plant life is their mission. Practice must be done daily and vigorously!
I put the sd card in my laptop and went to the kitchen for a glass of milk and a banana. This was the first picture I edited. Suddenly, I was thunder struck! There was a tomato worm on my plant. I practically ran with a flashlight and plastic bag to pluck it off. ??? Nothing. Nothing. But, I found the culprit. It was a weather-worn feather. So, I plucked it off. That was a scare. Okay, so the "intruder" above looks like a caterpillar in the picture, not a tomato horn worm. Remember, I have cataracts.
The spider that readers identified for me moved next to the door instead of in front of it. Now, the spider decided that in front of the bathroom window was a better place. He depends on the light to draw in dinner, I suppose. So, that is where he sits in wait.
different kind of spider
This picture was taken at dusk and enhanced to see anything. The spider is in the middle. I had to stand very close, so I just got the flash off the dark body. Can you see the little tufts in the web? One is at the top left. There are two under the chair. Then, there is one at about 5 o'clock under the spider. There are two that have bushes for the background, but they are not easy to see.
What are the tufts? they have a central location and then just filmy threads that blow in a breeze. Is that were captured bugs reside? Is the fluffy tuft a lure? What kind of spider is this?
the latest body work on my car
Did you know that oak trees self-prune? They do. Since 2000, I have not had a carport. This just ruins a car. Not only is it sitting in the weather, if is a target for tree limbs. This is the latest of a dozen hits. The car is parked under the smallest limbs. The other limbs would do lots more damage.

Since I closed their pen after dark, I had to check on them with a flashlight. They looked so cute, sitting in a row, I decided to take a picture. Of course, they had to get up and move around.
The wagon is in front of the car because exbf used it to carry things to his car. I told him just to leave it there, not to bother to walk back to the backyard.
Remember, slugmama's giveaway in the blog post below here.
Your turn
Can you tell what the new spider is by the fluffy tufts on the web? Doesn't that feather look like something that will eat my tomato? Do you ever just check on your chickens at night, especially after a close call or an actual attack and loss?

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sales This Week, Birthday Report, Christmas, Maggie May

Not much, but cheap

Of course, the sales for grocery stores came out on Wednesday. I only price-matched on local stores, some too far to drive for a few items.

Miracle Whip--$1.99
Kraft Italian--$0.99

When I get out the ads for stores 50 miles away, there may be more savings.

From last week's ad, I got produce on Tuesday, the last day of that ad.

Celery sleeve--$0.99
Bell peppers--$50

I still have not made the muscadine jam, but exbf got to sample three of the grapes and was enjoying those.

Birthday Report
About 2 am as I was heading to bed, I pulled out frozen blueberries that were thawing in the refrigerator and the bag managed to leak all over. Then, I moved the bag and caused another leak. I spent too much time cleaning that up. I was annoyed and that stress and cleaning led me to just stay up longer.

Even though I took the melatonin, I still could not sleep. So, I took something a little stronger. Still no sleep. All this had nothing to do with any birthday angst. It just happens. At 5 am, I was still awake. Oh, not having internet was stressing me!

I set the alarm for 9 am. About 8:45, the Charter guy said he was on the way. Nope, he did not connect anything. He thought it was strange that the guys said talked about the electric meter because it had nothing to do with Charter AND there was a pole already there, the electric pole, ready to receive a line. Sooo, I am up and dressed for nothing.

Exbf always comes about 9:30 am, so not much time to sleep, but I put on my nightgown and tried. He gave me a bag of coupons which I promptly put with my other coupons. He told me there was something else in there. I looked.

2 $10 cards for Walmart from battery deal
This makes 8 of these, the full amount due me and exbf for the batteries I bought last year. That makes $80 for Christmas shopping. If I buy a gift elsewhere, I can use these for groceries or gas at WM...all the same, just a shuffling of the money.
After I got these out and deposit the cards in my purse, I started to put the bag of coupons away again. Exbf said there was more. A birthday card from him was in with the coupons inserts in the bag. At this point I asked him if a sandwich would suit him as much as spaghetti. He said he had been looking forward to spaghetti, so he would really wanted me to fix spaghetti. It is all my fault because I have been telling him for three or four days we were having spaghetti. Linda, keep your mouth shut....argh. He said he rarely had spaghetti.
After we talked a bit, I made scrambled eggs with cheese for me because I was starving. Then, I immediately had to start on the spaghetti. ugh Onions and bell pepper were sautéed in olive oil, then ground beef was browned. I put the canned Hunt's spaghetti in and added cinnamon and a one inch chunk of celery. I usually chop more celery, but I forgot until the end, so did not want crunchy, diced celery. All this was just exhausting and my back hurt, excruciating pain.
We both ate a huge amount of spaghetti and my eyes started closing. A coma was engulfing me, slowly but surely.  As I headed off for my nap at 1 pm, I asked him to wake me at 3 pm so I could get ready for dinner out. When 3 pm rolled around and 3:30 pm, I told him I wanted to wait another day to go out. He was okay with that. It would have been sheer torture, so cruel,  to have to get dressed and go somewhere to eat. He went to a buffet on the way back to B'ham and had vegetables.
Maggie May
The little one has a name. She is now taller than Thelma, the Rhode Island Red, just gangly and skinner. She is 5.5 months and no sign of a comb.
It would have been a better birthday if I could have been in a coma all afternoon. And, that is not sadness or depression talking, just my weary body. Of course, getting  good night's sleep would have been optimal, no matter what I did today. Plus, not having a horrid back ache would have made possibilities of going anywhere without pain.
Janet sent me the cutest card. Thanks. It was all sparkly and had a cupcake on it. That was in the mail that I opened about 3:30. Thanks.

Your turn

Does spaghetti throw you right into a coma? Did anyone else get WM gift cards from Energizer batteries? I think only two people have said they got cards for Walmart. Remember the Rod Stewart son, Maggie May?

I Am Back

For two days I have had no internet! It is back now. I am enjoying my birthday today...well, as much as I can. A nap is in order because I made spaghetti for lunch. After the nap, exbf is taking me to dinner. Tonight or tomorrow, I will catch up on blog reading. Naps are important for cats and old