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Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's Up With Patsy Cline?

She is puzzling. Does she think her life depends on laying eggs? No, it doesn't. Is she trying to keep up with Thelma and Maggie May? Who knows? Maybe.

Patsy Cline spends a lot of time on the nest. I know Thelma's egg because it is huge. Maggie May's egg is smaller than Patsy Cline's but not by much. Plus, there is a sort of pearly, translucent look to Maggie May's egg, sort of a peach under-color.

Patsy Cline  sits in the nest too much for a hen that is not laying at all. Okay, that is just my opinion. And, she is not broody. She is less than two-years old.

Exbf was changing their sleeping bed pinestraw and fluffing the laying nest. He refilled their water. He said Patsy Cline stayed in the pen the whole time, walking around and talking to him. Remember, the pen door was open. They had been fed, but the other two finished eating and left the pen.

He said that as soon as he finished with their nest and bed, Patsy Cline jumped into the laying box and sat down. We both laughed and are amused at her desire to just sit for a few minutes. It's as if she remembers sitting in the nest last year, but cannot remember what to do.

She sometimes sits on eggs, but mostly just spend ten minutes or thirty minutes on the empty next and jumps right off for food or any other distraction. Often, she just jumps up to sit with Thelma or Maggie May as one of them is laying an egg.

I think she is deliberately faking it but does not know we can count.

Your turn
Have you ever had a youngish hen just sit on the nest after the winter lull?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wanted: Mouser with Kittens

Last night, I awoke every few hours all night long, very upset and unable to sleep much. Charlie had been here and helped me as he screamed at me. Then, I screamed back. Since this is not the way my life runs, his presence, even with "help" was disruptive. At any rate, he did carry some items out of the house and cleaned my bathroom floor on hands and knees. There were things here he got in a trade for working. While he was getting things out of the room next to the kitchen (18'x20' room next to kitchen), I found one of the rats that plagued me under a table NOT in the kitchen.

Pick it up!

"Not with my bare hands!"

So, I gave him a plastic bag. While I gagged and he made a guy face, he threw it in the trash.

He got about 8 boxes out of the house, two boxes of what he wanted, one rat...quite a good deal for me.

He was yelling at me because I did not know how to use his iphone to text women he was hitting on. When you hand me something and give me no instructions, I really resent being yelled at and being called names.

After sleeping for 12 hours the night before and being yelled at, it is no wonder I could not sleep. I did dream. By the way, I can put Charlie in his place, set him straight before he next steps into the house.

"Wanted: Mouser with kittens." Yep, that was my ad in the paper or somewhere in my dream. Then, all Hell broke loose on the internet. Someone found out I was going to leave them all outdoors. Of course, the cats came from living outdoors. They weren't going to be left in a puddle in the rain and wind. I have a well-sheltered, small porch, closed in on three sides.

However, the online melee continued with people mostly from UK talking about how cruel I was. I tried to defend myself, saying barn cats live just fine without central heat. Besides, I have made cozy houses for dogs and cats, only to find the dog sleeping on top of the dog house in the snow. The cat would go under the porch and make its way to the basement.

So it went until exbf woke me unlocking the side door. He likes my dreams. Well, he enjoys hearing what happens in my sometimes-confusing unconscious.

In my dream, I was trying to solve the problem of rats and mice. Both have tried to take over. When I locked the hens up last night, they had not eaten any of their oats, now sitting in pine straw. "Oh, great. Now mice and rats will come!

In my dream I solved my problem. I cannot have a cat in the house. I cannot get a kitten and keep it outdoors. Well, I can but people take my kittens. Yes, trust me, they do. Having a mama raise her kittens is just the thing for me. In my dream I "tested" many mamas and kittens. At least in my dreams they seemed to be coming from everywhere.

I am quite sure someone will foist off a house cat with kittens. Well, it better learn to hunt. Paying for spaying and neutering will be better than entertaining and then executing rats.

I got two eggs today.

Your turn
Do you ever solve problems in your dreams? Has anyone ever berated you when "helping" you and made you so furious?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rod McKuen Died

McKuen is one of my favorite poets and songwriters. Long before he disclosed he was molested, I just knew it as I read his writings and poems.

"We had joy;
we had fun;
we had seasons in the sun..."

My son was only three and loved this line from our favorite song. We sang lots in the car.

Before I knew Mckuen had a cat named Sloopy, I had  black cat named Sloopy.

Your turn
Did Mckuen's songs move you? Did you buy his poetry Listen to the Warm?

Getting Better

I am not getting better as swiftly as I think I should. Last night, I went to bed at 11 pm. Charlie made the mistake of calling me as I tried to climb into bed. I was snappy and whiny. When I got into the bed, I was asleep within thirty seconds. Of course, it take me two minutes of wiggling around to get the covers like I want them, to get the pillow adjusted, and to get the little blanket over my head just right. The thirty seconds starts once everything is just right. Then, I slept 12 solid hours, not counting twice I got up during the night for the trip to bathroom.

The hens gave me one egg today. Of course, their water ran dry yesterday because exbf did not give them fresh water last week. Now, they are hydrated and have plenty of water, so egg production should surge ahead.

My sinuses feel like someone is standing on my face and my throat hurts in a new place. I still have dizzy spells. Ugh!

There are lots of specials for the week, all of which are price-matched at Walmart. Since I have plenty of everything else, I can focus on the fruits and vegetables and Kraft Cheese deals. I will put those in another post.

Today, the temperature was 66 F, and will drop 30 degrees tonight. How is it where you are, and give your location, vaguely, if you will. The daffodils have been popping out of the ground for three weeks. Yay!

I just now got a little popup notice that blogger wants to track my location. ??? I said NO. What's with this? And, I still cannot post pictures. Wonder why?

Your turn
What is the weather like in your area? Can you include your area? Why would blogger want to track me?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Free Book for Everyone and $25 Giveaway

What a great opportunity over at the blog of one of the funniest bloggers around. Just go HERE!
 Friday, January 30,  is the deadline. I have been sick. So, sue me.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Awful Dreams, Eggs, Weather, Doctor

Okay, no pictures nd no "A," so deal with it. That letter does not work most of the time. I had to force the first one in this post.

When I went to bed last night, I hd only tken one melatonin. Obviously, I do need more thn one. Occassionlly, I try to cut back. But, one more melatonin did the trick lst night. Finlly, I got to sleep somewhere round five or six this morning fter trying to fall asleep after multiple bathroom trips. In the meantime...


Somehow, I had  little rock,  a pebble. I noticed it seemed larger but could not be sure. I sat here in my chir nd noticed tht it was the size of  baseball. Everything in my house was getting larger.

(Let's stop. I have been looking at  heart-shaped rock a little girl gve me. Plus, I see the commercials about the mn nd the one about the woman in n ad for head congestion. AND, parts/bords of my house keep falling off. )

Soon, The expnding furniture nd the now boulder-sized impediment were alarming. So, I shoved it to the kitchen, nd suddenly it magically was golf ball sized. I ws relieved but the furniture ws still lrge. I went through and climbed around to the door and threw the rock outside.

Tht rock exploded, frightening me. Well, was it a board falling off my house, or was it the stupid rock? I hd just thrown the rock out the door, so I dodged back inside. The furniture was slowing getting back to the right size.

Sometimes, there was someone else in the room with me, but that person came nd went somehow. Once, it ws exbf. This dream went on and on.


There ws one huge egg in the nest, Thelma's, I suppose. My giant Maggie May needs to step up her production and give me some large ones. Late in the day, I found another, so that makes two eggs for today.

Since exbf was here on Thursday, I have finally, tody, gotten the two lods of clothes dried. Well, one load would be two in my washing machine. I felt horrible on the day that is was high 60s. So, today since it is 37 degrees F with a brisk breeze, I hung out socks and panties. Then, I took a box out of the car. It took many minutes to get the cold out of my fingertips once I came in. At tht point, I finally turned on the heat.

The rest of the week should be in mid 50s F for day nd low 30s at night and few sprinkles two days. It is now still dylight after 5:30.

After staggering around for a few days, I finlly went to the doctor yesterday. I hd put color on my hair nd hd  shower at the church yesterday, so I did nd not look and feel so grungy to see him. The doctor gve me cortisone and clindamycin (sp?) nd  Zpac. The pharmacy closed ten minutes earlier. So, I need to mke  another trip to the pharmacy in just a few minutes.

So, I feel better but that may be the hir washing/color, shower rather thn meds. Remember, this hs been going on for about  month.

Right now, my whole face hurts, but that is probably from hnging out clothes in a frigid, stiff  breeze.

Your turn
Are you able to figure out why you dream nd what you see everyday that triggers a dream? Have your hens started laying with the longer hours of sunshine? Are you snowed in? Has  lingering, not-so-bad illness finlly drove you to the doctor?

Sunday, January 25, 2015


This article is very interesting. Did you know you can get a fecal implant, poop from someone else? On the same page, there is an article on flatulence. Enjoy your Sunday morning.