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Friday, October 31, 2014

Catastrophic Development

I came back from the reunion and was ill. After going to the doctor and getting medicine, I just needed rest and peace and sleep.

Wednesday is the dinner at the church, so I was getting ready to go. Only a drip came from the faucet. I called a plumber. Only a cup of water was in both faucets. So, I used that to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Jumping in the car, I turned the key and NOTHING. The plumber found me sitting in the car, thinking. When I turned the key, I could hear a click, so I knew the switch/starter part at the key was okay. I never grind and grind, trying to start the car. But, I turned the key and held it just for a bit. The motor was trying to turn over. Good deal. He heard it too, and agreed that was good news. He turned off the water at the road.

Auto Zone's telephone number is programmed into my phone. They brought me out a new battery. There went most of my money for Christmas presents. I think I got like $29 credit and paid $95 for the balance. There was an 8-yer warranty, but the new one has a five-year warranty.

Three plumbers returned this morning from the same company to determine what happened, where the system failed.. It seems I need a new water line from street to house. "How much will this cost me?" $3500
Seriously, I almost fainted, reeling around about to sag to the ground. One of the guys reached or me and they all wanted to know if I were okay. No, not really. I was so stunned I could not even cry.
The galvanized pipes coming to the house have been here about a hundred years.
I don't know what to do. I feel numb.
All my laundry is waiting and I have nothing else to wear. Remember, I was ill for a week before I went to the reunion, so things were not kept clean. There is not enough money here to even go to laundramat!
Your turn
I am drained and coughing my lungs out.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chicken Games

not leftovers

I don't know what my chickens are up to. Do they? What are they thinking?

Last Friday, I fed the three hens before I left. Food for Saturday morning and Sunday morning was supplied. My neighbor, Tony, agreed to feed them those mornings. The following foods are for two days.

I gave him a box of food:
two cans of whole kernel corn
two sandwich bags of Quaker Oatmeal
two mellow apples
4 sweet potatoes
two bags of leftovers from the church dinner (meat, slaw, baked potato, baked beans)

Tony said he would smash the pumpkin on Saturday morning. Now, chickens love pumpkin seeds. You see all the pumpkin seeds? They love sweet potatoes! But, they are still there.

Only the corn and oatmeal are gone, plus the church leftovers. The hens don't even seem to like me anymore. I put oatmeal in every morning and they look at me and the oatmeal warily. Only after I leave will they eat.

Nothing in their lives has changed. They pretty much are friendly now with Maggie May instead of chasing her around and pecking her. I do keep them locked up more, but this attitude has been present before the more pen-time happened.

Since my swing broke, I am not very present for them. I have a bench nearer to them. I usually sit there to talk to them. But, exbf took some rotten wood from their pen about a month ago and stacked it NEATLY on my bench. I don't get what he does some days. I hate to complain to him all the time. Then, he carried the plastic chair far away, and I forget to put it back. So, I hang onto the chain link, swaying, trying to wait out their slow entrance into their pen so I can lock them up for the night.

I have given up on their laying again this year, so I bought some expensive eggs. The carton purports to hold cage free and free range eggs. Then, the carton states they are fed vegetarian feed. But, I am going to go with it because I have not had an egg for seven weeks. When I opened the carton and looked at them, I was impressed with the appearance. They are of varying shades of brown and slightly different sizes. I may just eat three for breakfast with bacon. And orange juice. And milk.

Your turn
Do chickens ever go feral after being so friendly? Okay, not feral, just wary of me. Do they ignore their food? They are not moulting, so that is not the answer. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not a Mint on My Pillow, But Better! Ghiradelli!

Ghiradelli on top of box

Can you believe this Ghiradelli Chocolate was on top of the box of goodies? Of course, I ate it first, like before I went through the box! I needed fortification for the exciting task. THEN, there was some Pedialyte that I drank for...well, just because. At the very bottom of the box was an identical chocolate. How clever is Slugmama?

Everything in the box was usable for me, either for myself or as gifts. Oh, I always need tweezers since I lose them so often. I do find them--under a chair cushion, in the floor of the car, just anywhere a tiny item can fall and be lost easily. thankyouthankyouthankyou for the chance to win this box! Now, I am going through the box again.

And, Slugmama has not seen the lamp I found for her and posted yesterday.

Your turn
See, you should enter her boring box giveaways! nonono That would lower my chances of winning! Do you love giveaways? What would your favorite giveaway include? Go ahead and give me your fantasy if you cannot think of anything reasonable...LOL.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday Night 50th HS Reunion

Norma, Ginger, Linda


Never, ever sit the closest to the camera because it makes you look larger! Ginger wore her hair long at our 45th reunion. She had very little gray hair. She absolutely looks young. This is my hair without washing. The curling iron was useless and teasing it was not possible. Okay, I could tease it, but it was all wadded looking. AND, I tried for weeks to get an appointment to have my hair cut, and then she cut it like I had never had it cut. ???  In almost every way possible, this was not a good event. But, I tried to smile through feeling dirty-headed and greasy and stinky.

Elvis and wife

After a while the "dancing girls" came out led by the wife of our Elvis. Several of the girls in our class were recruited to "just follow me." You can imagine how funny this dancing was. 

Our class president, Frankie

I think Elvis was singing Teddy Bear as all these dancing girls wrapped their scarves around him and hugged him and ruffled his hair. From the first reunion, Frankie has presided in all black with long hair. I think this is the first year his hair has been short. He is an icon.  Since this was Friday night, not the formal night, he wore a navy blue shirt.

green lamp

Back in my motel, I spied this lamp and took a picture of it just for sluggy. This would go perfectly in her house. I could not carry it. I tried. just kidding!

The Friday night part of our reunion was just to mostly hang out and visit. There were pictures of our class reunions enlarged and on easels. You can see those behind the picture of  my friends and me.

I slept eight hours on Friday night, got up to eat breakfast and could not. So, I took food to the room and slept until noon with a low fever.

The pictures I took were few and not taken from a good vantage point. I have no problem blocking the view momentarily as others did. I just did not feel well at all.

There was an open bar and hors d'oeuvres. I only got two strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. I did not see one vegetable, but there were huge chicken fingers and Swedish meatballs and many cheeses and cheese balls. . What looked like some Mexican finger foods were left. I had a Coke from the open bar in our rented hall of the Convention Center. .

Your turn
So, that was the first night of the reunion. Does your hs class have reunions?

Monday, October 27, 2014

The King; The Judge; The Water

The King
The Judge, yes.
He is a judge in Memphis!

I got into Olive Branch, MS at my motel about 4pm instead of 3 pm as I planned. When I went to the restroom in the lobby, the commode did not flush. After I checked in, I was told there was low water pressure because of construction.

Upstairs, I lay down for 30 minutes. Then, I removed the chipped polish and went to wash my hands. No water--not even a drip. I called downstairs and was thoroughly disgusted. The woman explained to me, like she was reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears to a little child. "You see, there is no water because construction crews cut the water lines across the street, so we will have no water."

I went ballistic. I have not seen some of these people in fifty years and I must go with a stinky bottom and dirty hair? No, not acceptable. I need water. Bring it from wherever because I just used nail polish remover and need to wash that off.

"We can send the maintenance man and see if he can find water in your room." ??? I don't need a maintenance man to "find" water in my room!!!!"  Grab some bottled water that I refuse to pay for since the room should come with water. Send it now!!

In ten minutes the maintenance man came and told me he could get two little cups, yes, that is what he said as he measured about 4 inches with each hand, and he said he could try to find water for those. I suggested a pitcher. He said it would take longer to search for a pitcher. I demanded water and slammed the door.

He brought ONE bottle of water for me to use. I washed nails with soap and nail brush. I poured some on a wash cloth and wiped my face. Then, I poured more water and used a soppy, ice cold wash cloth with no soap on my underarms and bottom. It was frigid and hurt. Nothing like going relaxed to my reunion.

I called customer care who called 30 minutes later and said they could move me two miles to Residences, a hotel that took my friend's points. I said I would move at midnight, but they insisted I move DURING the reunion. They would send someone to pack me and move my luggage since I told them I could not, would not, be able to do that in a hurry.

Finally, I slammed down the phone, rushed to get ready and barely made it.

Okay, I got the room complaint done, so tomorrow, I will continue with the fun stuff. The picture above is a hint.

Today, at six pm I went to the doctor, got a Zpak and cortisone shot in the hip.

Yes, I will complain about the water and their obvious lack of concern.

Your turn
How would you fancy going to see people for the first time in 50 years (some 5 years ago) without a shower of hair washing?  I am even tempered until someone just pushes all my buttons at once. I don't curse or call names or accuse. I try to put the person in my shoes.

50th High School Reunion

In the tub

When I first saw this, I was tired from driving and very sick, so it took me just a moment to realize it was a seat to bathe.  However, there was not one drop of water at this Marriott! So, I went to my reunion, seeing some people for the first time in 50-years with no bath/shower and with dirty hair. I had to force the hotel to even give me a bottle of water for bare necessities. I got in bed to take my nail polish off and could not apply more until I washed with soap and water the residue! Icy water is not good for necessity washing...brrr.

I love grab bars!

So handy
With the seat down, bathing and hair washing was so much easier and more leisurely. Usually, I have to rush because I cannot stand for long. Plus, I stagger about and have no grab bars. I have been meaning to ask the doctor for a prescription for a bath chair.
Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor because the previous ear infection was not clear and both ears hurt! Remember, October is the month allergies keep me ill. Wednesday, I felt like I was better. When I left Friday morning, I felt pretty ill and feverish a bit. By the time the whole shebang was over on Saturday night, my fever was peaking and dropping. So, I barely slept Saturday night and asked for a 1pm checkout.
There will be more pleasant/fun posts and pictures and stories.
NOTE: We are all old!
Your turn
Have you ever seen a bath seat like this? Note how it extends for transfers. Is there a bath seat or chair you would recommend? Do you ever stay in the Handicap Accessible rooms? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

For Your Halloween Enjoyment--Creepy Labels, Nipples, Poop, Organs, Fingernails

For a large Halloween party I was attending, I made these labels to be applied to various foods. Use the roundish dipping chips for the first nipple thing. Use triangular chips for the fingernails. Various dips can be used for the dip names. Use olives for the eyes. Some of these labels were applied in different ways. I used large old bowl type jars or bowls for the dips. Paper bags and cloth bags folded and sewn were used for the chips. Use your imagination and what you have for any or all of the selections.

You will notice the items are not aligned. I don't know how that happened in the last 13 years and though transfers through three other computers/laptops. Whatever.


Organicically grown

Air-dried in 1400




(Bat Poop)

aged in a witch's cradle


Pureed Pig Spleen

Use by the witching hour


Eye of Newt

Freshly plucked, pureed with organic owl bile




LeStadt Fingernails


From London Opera house
Curiously, some are fresh


Your turn
I would be interested in knowing how you use these and will post a link to your blog or a picture of what you did. You will be given all credit.

Some of my newly-made acquaintances thought I was demented. My old friends were thrilled with my creativity.